Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh – one of my all time favourite cities.

Whilst at school, a group of friends and I would visit the city for one week during the time of the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We would all stay at a hostel near Grassmarket and wander around the city, catching what was on offer from the range of performances. As we were students, the majority of shows that we saw were the weird and wonderful free shows with a ticketed one each day.

After having not been for a couple of years, I decided to head back this last August and relive the liveliness which takes over of the city.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Outside the train window from Newcastle to Edinburgh, Northumberland Coast.

After catching up with a friend who lives in Edinburgh, we decided it was to time to join the hectic buzz of the Fringe. Starting off at Lebowskis, where “The Dude takes on the Capital one White Russian at a time!” – who doesn’t love a pub where The Big Lebowski is played 24/7.

The Special – Cookie Dough White Russian

From there we walked down towards Underbelly venue in Cowgate to book a show. This area is a strange part of Edinburgh. Throughout the rest of the year, it looks completely abandoned and shabby. However, during the Fringe the street is bustling, all the empty rooms now full to the brim of people.

We decided to book the midnight showing of Zach and Viggo: Thunderflop, described to us as ‘Mr. Bean on acid’, we thought – why not?! As we had an hour to kill we went to one of the pop-up bars opposite, to listen to some live music and of course to grab a pint. May have had a wee dance to Eurythmics’s Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – it’s a classic.

The Cow Shed, opposite The Underbelly in Cowgate

Back across to watch the show, and I can say it definitely lived up to what was described and we laughed the whole way through. After that we went to The Three Sisters, the SU bar, which again was packed and witnessed someone completely strip into their birthday suit.

The Underbelly Cowgate

The next day, Scotland did not disappoint with the weather and it rained the entirety of the day. However, that doesn’t ruin the atmosphere at the Fringe. The preview performances still took place all along The Royal Mile and people still standing around to watch with good spirit.

The famous street of Grassmarket

This is why I love Edinburgh and it’s festival, this bubble which you become fully immersed. The appreciation and the good spirit from all the spectators of everyone’s art. The atmosphere across the city is like nothing else, and why I constantly find myself returning.

Edinburgh, I love you.

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